Saturday, April 16, 2016

My New Website!

I am launching a new website, with images of virtually all of my paintings on it. It is mainly a portfolio site so that viewers can see a lot of my work in one place, and can contact me about any of the pieces. Many of my original paintings are for sale, and I also have greeting cards and good quality gicleĆ© prints in stock. The website is linked to this blog, and has a contact page for queries.  So far it's a work in progress (it still doesn't read as well as it should on a cell phone, and I didn't realize just how many paintings I've done - and how many images of them I still have to upload!), but it's live as of this week - check it out at:


  1. I love artists take on what they portray in their artwork. Anyone who is willing to express themselves through music, drawings, or any form of interpretive art is amazing. I love setting personal artwork like this as my screen saver or desktop background to it is easily accessible when I need to show someone how good it looks.

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO

  2. Amazing new website and a great idea to have your entire portfolio on the website in order to have clients view it digitally. Your greeting cards also look absolutely amazing. A website is always a work in progress, as my wife realized when she started hers. There is always something that can be improved upon. Still, well done on this accomplishment.

  3. Lisa, the website is beautiful. Having all of your work on display emphasises your talent and the vibrancy of your method. Some of these pictures would be perfect for illustrations in children's books! I love the simplicity of nature in your work and how much thought goes into each one.

    1. I really appreciate your thoughts, and I have indeed illustrated children's books (children's scinence books through UC Berkeley).My biggest artistic heroes are 19th century book illustrators...