Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lisa Haderlie Baker: Recent Work

I've been painting, but not being responsible about blogging in quite awhile, and I've decided it's time to post a few pictures of what I've been working on to let folks know I'm still alive!

ACCI Gallery, in the center of the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, continues to exhibit my work: paintings in gouache and oil, and greeting cards too. I have been experimenting more in small oils, and framing them in gorgeous heavy frames, some antique. I've found that painting in oils on gessoed Museum Board makes for a smooth surface that can be cut to virtually any size, allowing for tiny oil paintings and odd-sized frames.

Below find two photos taken in ACCI recently. In addition to other artist's work in many media, you can see my oil Blackbird, Fly exhibited on the division wall of the gallery. The yellow gingko tree, painted in full December color, is in my neighborhood, but the landscape behind it is a kind of medieval-inspired dreamscape.

Here are a few of my small framed pieces, also displayed in ACCI, from left to right:  The White Stag, Pliny's Doves Redux, Datura by Moonlight, and The Woodcutter's Hut

I've been working on private commissions for paintings too, including a gouache portrait of two handsome Merced farm dogs - Roscoe and Jenny Under the Cedars - shown below,

and an oil of another beautiful farm in the Ozarks, commissioned by the family who lives there:

I will be participating again this year in East Bay Open Studios through ProArts Oakland, exhibiting framed paintings in gouache and oil, limited edition signed high-quality giclee prints, as well as an extensive selection of greeting cards of my paintings. I hope to get a studio space in the beautiful Market Hall in Jack London Square for the event, so come see me in June to see what else I've been up to! More on this later...