Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Painting Projects at Year's End

The White Stag

As Thanksgiving approaches, here is my magical White Stag to usher in the holidays!  He's painted in gouache on heavy rag paper, and is now sold and living in a new home, but happily he's still available in the form of greeting cards and giclee prints. Greeting cards in this design, as well as many others based on my paintings, including my extensive selection of Christmas cards, are now available at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, Books Inc, Alameda, and Payn's Stationery on Solano Avenue in Berkeley.

Some of my framed paintings and giclees now exhibited at ACCI Gallery, Berkeley

I continue to be an exhibiting artist member of ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, and this month they have several of my paintings displayed, including my piece, "Planting Oaks", in the front window! Framed in an antique gilded frame, it is a bird's eye view of a crow in a California live oak, with an oak savannah landscape far below, painted in oil on museum board. The crow is based on a real crow that visited my back garden more than once in late summer, each time with an acorn in its beak.  He or she lingered long enough for me to study his plumage and stance, and the acorn too, and this painting was the result. It's a storybook interpretation of the crow I saw, but is also based on a real bird and real behavior, which charmed and inspired me.

Planting Oaks

ACCI Gallery,  on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley

"Planting Oaks" in the front window of the gallery