Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Trio of Tiny Romantic Landscapes at ACCI Gallery

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I have a large collection of antique frames that I often use for my paintings.  Being very old, a bit distressed, and in irregular sizes they add a quirky beauty to my artwork, I think.  Because of the odd sizing I have to create my own "canvasses", usually out of acid-free heavy museum board.  I cut it to size and gesso it, then I brush on a thinned oil wash to make the white board more of a warm mid-tone (usually a mix of ochre and burnt sienna). Once that is dry I can start painting.

These three little paintings are inspired by the romantic landscapes of the 19th century.  Two are California scenes, and one is inspired by a painting by my artistic hero Caspar David Friedrich - a German painter of the early 1800's.  (He also inspired my gouache painting of the barn owl, described in my posting of April 2014.)

The frames are very small - a maximum of about 5" x 6" outside measurements - so the paintings had to be even smaller!  This makes for challenging brushwork, tiny brushes, and a limited palette.  All of this is kind of fun, because painting that small means you're limited to essential detail, and not much more.

All are currently exhibited and for sale at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley.

Romantic Landscape 1:  After Caspar David Friedrich
oil on panel, antique Adirondack frame.

Romantic Landscape 2: Alameda Palms
oil on panel, antique Adirondack frame.

Romantic Landscape 3: Rainbow, Fort Bragg
oil on panel, antique frame.