Sunday, October 18, 2015

ACCI Gallery hosts the "Wonder" Exhibit

On October 10th another show with my work in it opened at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley. This is the "Wonder" exhibit, a "selection of oddities and curiosities", inspired by early European Cabinets of Wonder.  It is a fascinating exhibit, filled with mysteriously strange and wonderful objects. I love the combination of The Bone Room curiosities, and fabulous art inspired by taxidermy, tarot images, magical miniatures, mounted butterflies and beetles, skulls, old engravings, and preserved specimens.  The Wonder exhibit will be in the gallery through November 5th, 2015.

My friend and patron Jerene Meissert and me with my trio of "Kunstkammer" still lifes.

The Wall of Small Wonders

The Bone Room's mounted Goliath beetles, and Tom Chen's even BIGGER beetles
Ryan McJunkin's "mounted" cut paper butterflies, Bone Room skull.

My Three Cabinet of Wonder Still Lifes (oil on museum board):
Kunstkammer 1: Mounted Manakin
Kunstkammer 2: Skulls
Kunstkammer 3: Glass Dome

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